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    Grey Shaker Solidwood Kitchen Cabinet

    Grey Shaker Solidwood Kitchen Cabinet

    Grey cabinets are becoming the new color of choice for many homeowners as it provides excellent balance and neutrality in a kitchen. Similar to how white cabinets surged in popularity, kitchen experts predict grey cabinets will become the new trend in the coming years. There are many shades of grey: from a smoky near black grey to a cool light grey. Most grey cabinets in fact are not pure grey. There is often a hint of blue, green, or yellow, to give the color a more luxurious and look. Our Grey Shaker line is a cool grey with a hint of green and paired with the shaker style makes it perfect for any modern kitchen. This is a great choice for most modern kitchens as it pairs well with both stainless steel and ceramic appliances. It also works well with other neutral color items such as furniture, flooring, and counter tops. Since grey is a neutral color, it will make other colors stand out which can be used to emphasize the beauty of other aspects in your kitchen. Similar to our White Shaker line, our Grey Shaker doors are made from a one piece solid wood, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look.

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